YanshanUniversity (YSU), co-constructed by Hebei Provincial Government, Ministry ofEducation, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and NationalDefense Science and Industry Bureau, is participating in the country’sconstruction plan of national first-class university and world first-class disciplines,which is strongly supported by Hebei Provincial Government. YSU is a member ofthe Cooperation Consortium of Beijing High Technology Universities.




1920--HarbinInstitute of Technology (HIT)


1958--School ofHeavy Machinery of HIT


1960--NortheastHeavy Machinery Institute


1978--A nationalkey institution of higher education designated by the State Council




Therise of YSU


1998--Itsadministration was transferred from Ministry of Machinery Industry to HebeiProvincial Government (HPG). YSU was co-administrated by the central and localgovernment, in which the latter plays the principal role.


2016--As one ofthe two universities selected by the Ministry of Education, YSU’s engineeringmajors received the inspection from the international experts of WashingtonAccord, which supported China’s membership in Washington Accord InternationalEngineering Education Organization. YSU’s nine engineering majors have passedthe certification of Engineering Education Organization, which indicates thatthe quality of education in these professions has been internationallyrecognized and ranked as top university in terms of global engineeringeducation.




YSU Encompasses266.67 hectare of grounds with a total floor area of 1.06 million squaremeters, YSU now is attended by 38,000 students receiving regular highereducation. YSU has a faculty of 3200, 2200 of whom are full-time teachersincluding 466 professors (including 219 doctoral supervisors) and 634 associateprofessors. Among them there is one Academician of China Academy of Sciences, fivedistinguished professors from the Recruitment Program of Global Experts(Thousand Talents Program), three professors from the Recruitment Program (Ten-thousand Talents Program), eightdistinguished professors from the Changjiang Scholars Program, and nine winnersof the China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists.




YSU offers 11 postdoctoralresearch stations, 14 first-level disciplines authorized to offer doctoraldegrees, 1 professional doctoral degree (Engineering doctoral degree), 33first-level disciplines authorized to offer master degrees, 11 disciplinesauthorized to offer professional master degrees, 17 disciplines authorized tooffer master degrees of engineering, and 64 undergraduate programs, covering 9disciplines including Engineering, Liberal Art, Science, Economics, Management,Law, Fine Arts, Philosophy and Education. YSU has 5 national key disciplines, 5national defense key disciplines and 16 provincial key disciplines. Engineering,Materials Science, and Chemistry of YSU rank ESI top 1%. In the fourth nationaldiscipline assessment exercise, YSU was awarded B and above in 8 disciplines,of which Mechanical Engineering was Class A, the top 10% in China, B+ inMaterials Science and Engineering, the top 20% in China.


Schoolsand Departments


YSU has 20schools and colleges; they are the School of Mechanical Engineering, School ofMaterials Science and Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School ofInformation Science and Engineering, School of Software, School of Economicsand Management, School of Foreign Studies, School of Civil Engineering andMechanics, School of Humanities and Law, School of Public Administration,School of Marxism, School of Science, School of Environmental and ChemicalEngineering, School of Arts and Design, School of Vehicle and Energy, School ofPhysical Education, Liren College, School of National Defense Technology,School of International Exchange and School of Continuing Education.




YSU has builtthe State key laboratories: State Key Laboratory of Meta-stable MaterialsScience and Technology, the National Engineering Research Center for Equipmentand Technology of C.S.R., the National & Local Joint Engineering ResearchCenter for Advanced Manufacture Forming Technology and Equipment, the NationalDefense Key Discipline Laboratory of Mechanical Structure and Materials Scienceunder Extreme Conditions, the International Science and Technology CooperationBase, the National Technology Transfer Demonstration Agency, 3 HebeiCollaborative Innovation Centers, and 38 provincial and ministerial-level keylaboratories, engineering research centers and social science research bases.YSU National University High-tech Park and YSU Press are attached to YSU.



YSU has reachedinternationally leading-edge level in research fields of heavy machinerycomplete equipment, meta-stable materials science and technology, theory andtechnology of parallel robotics, fluid drive and electro-hydraulic servocontrol technology, theory and technology of industrial automatic control,precision plastic molding technology, forging technology and heat treatmenttechniques for large forgings, and mechanical structure and materials scienceunder extreme conditions. YSU has won 17 national science and technology awardsconsecutively since 2000, including 2 First Prizes and 9 Second Prizes ofNational Science and Technology Progress Award, 3 Second Prizes of NationalTechnology Invention Award, and 3 Second Prizes of National Natural SciencesAward. YSU has undertaken more than 800 national research projects, includingthose funded by 973 Program, 863 Program as well as the National NaturalSciences Foundation and the National Social Sciences Foundation. In 2013 and2014, two scientific research achievements were selected in “China Top 10Science Progress” and “Top 10 Science & Technology Progress of ChineseUniversities”.




YSU activelyfosters international academic exchanges and cooperation, and has builtfriendly cooperative ties with over 80 high-level universities and institutesof more than 20 countries including England, America, Canada, Germany, Russia,France, South Korea and Japan, carrying out international exchanges andcooperation in fields of student and teacher exchange, scientific researchcooperation, cooperation in running school and cooperatively held conferences.


With servingChina’s equipment manufacturing industry, strategic emerging industries,science and technology industry of national defense, and regional economic andsocial development as the mission, over 40,000 high-spirited and vigorous facultyand students of YSU preserve in emancipating the mind, forging ahead withdetermination, developing YSU scientifically, and working tirelessly to developYSU into a national first-class university with distinct school-runningcharacteristics including Industry-University-Research Collaboration andCivil-Military Integration, and with world-class disciplines includingmechanical and materials engineering.


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