YSU teachers and students watch the ceremony of the centenary of the May Fourth Movement



[News from the News Center] At 10:30, Apr. 30, the ceremony of the centenary of the May Fourth Movement was held at the Great Hall of the People. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Chinese President, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission delivered a keynote speech. Zhao Xianfeng, YSU Party Secretary, Kong Xiangdong, YSU Vice President, Li Rong, Secretary of YSU Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhao Yongsheng, YSU Vice President, Wang Baocheng, member of Standing Committee of YSU Party Committee, and other leaders, Secretaries of the Communist Youth League of each school, and student representatives watched the live broadcast of the ceremony at the Lecture Hall, Century Building. Party committees and general Party branches at primary level organized teachers and students to watch the ceremony together.  

Teachers and students listened carefully to Xi Jinpings speech at the ceremony. General Secretary Xi expressed expectations to Chinese youth of the new era: they should have great expectations, love the motherland wholeheartedly, take on social responsibility, and develop their personality, which shed light for the youth.

Zhao Xianfeng delivers a speech. (Photographed by Zhang Peiyao, the News Center)

YSU leaders, Secretaries of the Communist Youth League of each school, and student representatives (Photographed by CaiQiaoyi, the News Center)

The School of Mechanical Engineering

The School of Economics and Management

The School of Arts and Design

The School of Physical Education

Postgraduate volunteer education group

After watching the ceremony, Zhao Xianfeng, on behalf of the YSU Party Committee, extended greetings and good wishes to the youth cadres, youth workers and communist youth league member. He put forward requirements in detail to thoroughly study and implement the spirits of General Secretary Xi Jinpings speech at the commemorate the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement.Zhao pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping highly concentrated and summarized the historical enlightenment and profound connotation of the May Fourth Movement and the practical significance of inheriting the spirit of the May Fourth Movement. General Secretary Xi proposed six expectations for the youth in the new era, as well as some specific requirements on how the Party organizations care for the youth, how the Communist Youth League organizations serve the youth, how the community cares about the youth, and how all departments do a good job in youth work. Zhao noted that we should understand the spirit of General Secretary Xis speech and encourage the youth of the whole university toremain true to the party and pursue merits in the new era

Furthermore, Zhao Xianfeng put forward four requirements for YSU Committee of the Communist Youth League and youth work in YSU. First, we should attach great importance to encourage the youth to have great expectations. As the Partys assistant and reserve army, the Communist Youth League need improve its political awareness and strengthen the relationship with people. We also should help the youth firmly adhere to the spirits of the Party and follow the Partys instructions. Second, we should encourage the youth to improve their professional skills, which is the foundation for their further careers. We need lead the youth to carry forward the fine traditions of YSU in the past 100 years, seize every single day, aspire for high and grand while planting feet firmly on the ground, and make their own contributions to the country and to the university with their knowledge and skills. Third, we should instill in the youth the concept of the unity of knowing and doing. It is necessary to lead the youth to integrate the pursuit of personal ideals with the future of the country, and to contribute to building apowerful nation of science and technology and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Fourth, we need to motivate the youth to train their character. It is the fundamental task of the university to strengthen moral education and cultivate people, and it is necessary to strengthen their experience in character and morality in order to become a qualified successor, and live up to the expectations of the Party, the country and the people. Zhao hoped that the YSU Committee of Communist Youth League would consciously take up the responsibility. All departments should support the work of the Communist Youth League, and gather the youth of the whole university to write a new chapter of realizing the Double First-class construction of YSU and pursuing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and, in addition,to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China with outstanding achievements!  

Everyone was inspired and encouraged by General Secretary Xis speech. Teachers and students conducted heated discussion on hoe to profoundly understand the profound meaning of the spirit of the May Fourth Movement in the new era, and how to actively practice the spirit of the May Fourth Movement in their own study, work and life.

Li Yida, Secretary of YSU community of the Communist Youth League, said: A nation will prosper only when its young people thrive. As a cadre of the Communist Youth League, we should guide the youth to have outstanding ambitions and being down to earth, particularly, encourage the youth to combine the national conditions and professional knowledge, national interests and personal goals, academic research and character training. Besides, we need provide a stage for young people to display their talents, and provide opportunities for them to take up their sacred missions, and keep young peoples thoughts and ideas, levels of understanding, ability and quality in accordance with the requirements of the times. In addition, we need to make sure they serve the people with genuine ability and learning, contribute to the country with innovation, and to fight for the prosperity of China.  

Song Wenxi, master student from the School of Economics and Management, said: Each age and generation have their own missions. As the Chinese youth of the new era, we are born at the right time to struggle.We should shape our mindset, practice our internal strength, andcreate agrand pattern of life in rational thinking. Besides, we need to carry forward the spirit of patriotism, to be practical, to integrate personal development with the future of the country, and to unite the youth power for the Chinese dream.

Zhao He, a student of the School of Vehicle and Energy, said: We are the lucky generation developing in a great time in a great country. One hundred years ago, the May Fourth Movement promoted social progress and promoted the spread of Marxism in China. It has created the conditions for the revolutionary struggle, which helped push the New-Democratic Revolution. Our generation should inherit the revolutionary spirit, be brave in accepting new ideas and new cultures, and struggle for theChinese dream, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Li Xinxin, undergraduate student from School of Information Science and Engineering (School of Software) said: The May Fourth Movement demonstrated the strong will of the Chinese people to defend national independence and fight for freedom, marking beginning of New-Democratic Revolution. Today, the responsibility of revitalizing China and developing a harmonious society has fallen on our shoulders. It is our responsibility to carry on the spirits of the May Fourth Movement. As a young generation in China, we should work hard to grow into the mainstay of the Chinese nation in the new era!

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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