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YSU won awards in the 3rd Hebei College Student Programming Competition



[News from the News Center]From May 11-12, the Hebei College Student Programming Competition was hosted by the Hebei Provincial Department of Education and held at the Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao. YSU had selected and sent 20 teams to participate in the competition. After fierce competition, 5 teams won the first prize, 5 teams won the second prize, and 9 teams won the third prize. Its total score ranked first place in the universities of Hebei Province.

Group photo of contestants

The preliminary selection was held by the Software Engineering Department of the School of Information Science and Engineering. YSU 20 teams consisted of 60 students: 34 students from the Department of Software Engineering, 15 students from the Department of Computer Science, and 6 students from the Department of Communication Engineering. The Hebei College Student Programming Competition (HBCPC) is an annual academic competition for college students in the province. It aims to improve the ability of college students' programming innovation and practical problems through competitions. The competition was held with the purpose of promoting the education reform through competitions. In this competition, a total of 255 teams from 48 provincial universities and 10 universities from Beijing and Tianjin participated in the competition.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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