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YSU won awards in the Final of the National College English Contest (Hebei Division)



[News from the News Center] On May 12, the Final of the 21st National College English Contest (Hebei Division) was held at Hebei Normal University. Led by Associate Professor Zhao Zhigang from the School of Foreign Studies, YSU team of 11 students participated in the competition. Ten contestants won the first prize of Category C: Zhang Weiwan, Zhang Lanyue, Dai Jiaxuan, Zhu Chang, Ni Shuya from the School of Economics and Management, Teng Huan from the School of Humanities and Law, Zhang Yujia from the School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Han Zhen from the School of Information Science and Engineering, and Xu Jiatong from the School of Mechanical Engineering. Zhang Zheng from the School of Foreign Studies won the first prize of Category B.  

The group photo of contestants and teacher

Every year, the School of Foreign Studies actively organizes the preliminary selections at the university level and sends them to attend the national finals after training. The National College English Contest (NECCS), is co-sponsored by College Foreign Language Teaching Advisory Board under the MoE and College English Teaching and Research Association of China. It is the national largest and most involved comprehensive English language ability competition for college/university students. The competition was highly valued by the students nationwide, and YSU students got excellent results in each year’s competition. It is the strong affirmation to YSU’s foreign languages teaching and the support from related departments.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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