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YSU the 7th “Xinsheng Cup” debate finals ended



[News from the News Center] At 19:00 on May 19, YSU the 7th “Xinsheng Cup” debate finals was officially held in Room 209, Student Activity Center, East Campus. After a fierce competition, the team from the School of Humanities and Law won the championship, the team from the School of Mechanical Engineering, and the teams from the School of Foreign Studies and School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics won the third place. Wang Qing, from the School of Humanities and Law, won the best debater in the final and the best debater in the whole process.

The debate in session

The audience

After several levels of selection, the debate teams from the School of Mechanical Engineering and the School of Humanities and Law competed for the championship. The debate between the two sides is closely related to the debate -- Does the Ideal Talent Benevolence-oriented or Intelligence-oriented? Both teams had provided their points and arguments and supporting evidence, which made the debate interesting and attractive.  

In the question-and-answer debate and free debate sessions, the debaters of both sides closely focus on their own arguments, nail the counterpart's weakness. Their debated are supported with the combination of social examples, hot news and current situation in the school, and several cases to demonstrate “benevolence” and “intelligence”. In the next questioning session of the audience, the students on the spot actively asked questions, and the debater's answer was clear and humorous. Teacher Li Li gave a comment on the performance of both parties, affirming the consensus reached by both debaters on the idea that "ideal talents should have both benevolence and wisdom", analyzing the pros and cons of the debate and the performance of both sides.

The event was hosted by the YSU Committee of the Communist Youth League and was organized by the YSU Debate Team. This “Xinsheng Cup” provides a platform for our students to express themselves on the basis of “clarifying the truth and supporting the arguments”. Zhang Feng, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee, Li Li, director of the debate team of Yanshan University, Qi Kajun of School of Marxism, and Yang Xiaofang from the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Youth League Committee, attended the competition.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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