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YSU held laboratory fire safety training and drills


[News from the News Center] In order to further promote the fire safety work of the Library, improve the fire safety awareness of all librarians and the ability to deal with emergencies, under the guidance and assistance of the Qinhuangdao Fire Brigade and the YSU Safety Office, the fire safety training and drills was held by the joint efforts of the Laboratory and Asset Management Office and the Security Office, and the School of Science. More than 200 people participated in the activities. The training session was hosted by Yan Shuting, Director of the Laboratory and Asset Management Division. The activities included three parts: safety knowledge training, emergency evacuation drills and fire extinguisher operation drills.

Safety knowledge training

The police officer of Qinhuangdao Fire Brigade, as the keynote speaker, first gave a training lecture. He combined a large number of fire cases in libraries and museums, and analyzed the characteristics of the library as a key fire hazard points, and introduced the principles of fire spread. He illustrated how to do the fire prevention and safety inspections, as well as the initial fire fighting methods, and detailed explanations on electricity management, fire facilities and equipment use methods, which gave the librarians a more systematic and profound understanding of fire prevention.

Safety Office staff explained how to use fire extinguishers

The laboratory emergency evacuation drill was conducted in the Room 112 laboratory of the School of Science Building. The background of the drill was set in the laboratory during the experiment, the fire caused due to improper operation of experiment. Upon the fire in the laboratory, the attendant immediately sent a warning signal to the school office, the safety work office and the fire department, and then quickly started the fire extinguishing device. The person in charge of each floor guides the teachers and students to lower their body and quickly leave in order to the designated safe area in front of the building. Immediately after receiving the report, the school Laboratory Safety Accident Emergency Disposal Working Group organized personnel to go to accident spot to carry out fire fighting. Subsequently, volunteer firefighters and fire rescuers from the school arrived to extinguish the fire and carry out subsequent disposal work.

Fire extinguisher use on-site drill

The fire extinguisher operation drill was conducted in the east side square of the Science Building. Ma Wenshuai explained the use of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers on-site, and instructed the teachers and students on the scene to use the fire extinguisher, to master the steps “Hold-lift-point-spray”. Subsequently, the field personnel grouped a fire extinguisher operation drill.

The laboratory is an important place for teachers and students to engage in teaching and research activities. Laboratory safety is an important guarantee for the safety of life and property of teachers and students. Through the laboratory fire safety knowledge training and drill activities, teachers and students’ safety awareness, knowledge, and skills have been further improved. Particularly, the ability of self-rescue and mutual rescue after a fire drill has been enhanced. In the future, the school will further strengthen laboratory safety management, laboratory identification of major hazard sources, and prevention and control systems.

[Translated by Yu Miao]

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