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YSU wins awards in 2nd Hebei Young University Teacher Competition for Ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching


[News from the News Center] Several days ago, Hebei Education Department and Hebei Provincial Trade Union of Education, Science, Culture, and Health held the 2ndHebei Young University Teacher Competition for Ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching. Young teachers from YSU School of Marxism achieved great results in the competition. Li Xiaodong, Hou Zhuoruan won the second prizes in Outline of Modern and Contemporary Chinese History (undergraduate) and Situation and Policy (undergraduate) respectively, and Xu Yang and Wang Jianzhou the third prizes in Introductiontothe Basic PrinciplesofMarxism (undergraduate) and Ideological and Moral Cultivation and the Legal Basis respectively (undergraduate). Besides, YSU was awarded the Outstanding Organization Award.

More than 400 young teachers in ideological and political theory course from the province participated in the competition. In order to help them gain experience and improve their teaching ability, the School of Marxismselected young teachers who performed well in the school competition, and set up a steering group composed of the leaders, the teaching supervisors, and the eminent teachers of the first competition. After the preliminary selection, four young teachers participated in the finals at the Hebei Polytechnic Institute to on April 10 and achieved great results.

The eminent young teachers said that they all benefit a lot from this competition. After the one-month preparation, the careful polishing of the video for the preliminary competition, the performance on random question at the finals, and the guidancefrom the seniors, the young teachers got a deeper understanding of the teaching materials, the teaching methods, and the ideological and political course itself and better realized their glorious mission to teach the ideological and political course. The School of Marxism will continue to actively carry out and participate in the teaching competitions, so that the young teachers will be more capable and confident to give lectures on good political and political courses and be good guides.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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